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  • My sketches

    Hello everyone,hope you all are doing great.

    Currently I am not using a good time table that’s why I don’t have getting time to write.But I will try my best to share my all drawings with you guys.

    So I am suggesting you all to keep a time table and also try to write to do list.

    Draw what’s in your mind.

    You guys can follow me on my instagram were I am posting my drawings and quotes merak_ibe_with_jophiel.

    Be a Sunflower 🌻

  • Happy Diwali

    Hey everyone,

    Hope you all are doing great.

    Happy Diwali to everyone 🪔🪔🎇🎇🎆🎆

    Be a Sunflower 🌻.

  • Doodle✏️

    Hey beautiful people 🤩,

    Hope you all are doing great.

    So today I just do some doodling and I think to share with you guys.Doodling is really fun.Sometimes it help me to calm down.

    what’s in your mind.It will help you in stress relief.If you try something don’t forget to share it with me on my instagram at merak_ibe_with_jophiel.

    I hope you like it. Also I will try to post how I draw mandala very soon.

    Thanks everyone for supporting🙏💕

    Be a Sunflower 🌻

  • Little bit of motivation for beginners who want to be a artist or creator.

    Hey everyone,hope you all are doing great.

    So after a little long I am back here.

    Firstly Thankyou so much everyone for supporting.

    Being creative is not very easy but it is easy if you are interested.I am also not good at drawing because I am a beginner but I am trying to achieve.

    If you want to create something new definitely you can.If you think you need to draw far better than now draw everything that infront of you.Share it with your friends and ask them to tell honest review about that drawing.If you have nothing in mind just doodle something or take pictures from Pinterest or Google and try to recreate it.When you decide to create something create it with your full mind and give time.

    It is a scene from the movie Cinderella I just loved it so I take the screenshot and tried to recreate it.I know it is not the same,but I just wanna try it.

    I share it because,you can try to create that you want no one can stop you from trying.So one thing you want to do is not be afraid of by thinking how it going to turn out don’t judge yourself before trying.

    I hope it helped you.If you like it then don’t forget to like,share and follow.

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    Be a Sunflower🌻.

  • Mandala#1

    Hey everyone,

    Hope you all are doing great.So here is my first post on art.

    Hope you like it.Leave a comment below,share and follow.

    Be a Sunflower🌻.

  • Introduction

    Hey beautiful people,

    Hope you all are doing great.

    So this the first post in my this blog.

    Why I started a new blog?

    I am so interested in arts,craft, photography,DIYs etc.so I choose this blog for making tutorials and publish my arts and DIYs.I hope it will help you.

    Isn’t I have another blog?

    Yes, on the other blog you can read post regarding to inspiration, motivation,etc.

    You can follow me here: MeraK_Ibe with Jophiel.

    Lots of interesting things are coming stay tuned.

    Be a Sunflower🌻.

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